Pick-Up & Delivery Address
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AutoComplete is off by default, and users are prompted by Internet Explorer, which asks whether they want to turn the feature on. Once in use, the information stored by AutoComplete can be cleared at any time by going to the AutoComplete control panel located under the Content tab of the Internet Options dialog box. If a user merely wants to delete a specific entry in a field, he can highlight the entry in the AutoComplete dropdown and press the Delete key.

Usernames and Passwords
You should have been sent an email when you signed up for service that contained your username and password
usernames and Passwords are case sensitive.

Address Book Database Help

Once you enter and complete an order using New Address Information, this new Delivery Location will be automatically added to your Address Book. You can choose it as a Delivery or Pick-Up Location anytime in the future by choosing to use your Address Book and then selecting the correct Company / Name from your Address Books drop down menu on this Ticket Order page.

New Address
Be sure to complete all required fields when entering a new address

Address Book Import
If you can export your address book from a program such a Outlook to a CSV, a TAB, or an MS Excel 2000 file, our webmaster can import the file into the web address book.
Email the file to